My aim is to breed healthy labradors that are true to their breed standards.

Since i can remeber i have loved dogs, horses and cats. Substituting owning a dog, i remember taking the neighbourhoods dogs for walks, while pestering my parents about a pet of my own.

My first dog was a 15 month black German shepherd -Brantastigs Spader- from the still active kennel. He was a handful for me an my family, but we learned alot.


The proud bearded giants caught my attention, and Zantanas It came into my life in the late 80's.

Horses have been occupying my life and time for some years, and that was a great time with lovley horses and a lot of fun people.

Now i live in the south of Sweden, a small village called Östra Vemmerlöv in Gärsnäs, near to Simrishamn.

Do you wish to see my dogs klick on this LOS NEGROS today